Jackson Rohm

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Biography Embarking on his 20th year as a full time, professional musician, Jackson Rohm is releasing his 7th studio album in March of 2012. With his most recent efforts, “Long Way From Moving On” and “Acoustic Sessions” recorded in Nashville in 2008 and 2010, Jackson has returned to Atlanta to once again work with long-time collaborator Aaron Thompson.

Rohm entered the studio with over 20 newly penned songs and he and Thompson, who produced the album, eventually settled on a track list of 12. Combining the experiences of his recent endeavors into country and acoustic recordings along with his roots in acoustic pop and rock music, Rohm feels he has cemented an album that will reach a large audience. “I’m always quickly bored, listening to a CD where the songs all seem too similar,” Rohm adds. “I push myself to write songs that are vastly different from one to the next, that are still accessible to a broad audience. I can’t wait to hear what people think of the new stuff.”

“Blindsided” features a diverse blend of hook driven tunes like the acoustic-pop “Make Up Your Mind” and “Great Divide”, rockers like “Superglue” and “Blue Skies And Butterflies”, ballads “Blindsided” and “No Questions Asked”, the rootsy “Good For You”, and the country-infused “Kicking It Around.”

Jackson adds, “One of the best things about being an independent artist is the freedom to make any kind of music you choose. Working with the best session players in the business on my country record was simply incredible and doing an album featuring only acoustic instruments was another new direction and equally exciting.” says Rohm. “Leading into this project, I felt like writing rock songs again and I’m thrilled with how things came together in the studio.”

Though Jackson currently performs primarily as a solo act in the Midwest in cities like Chicago and Cleveland, and East Coast from New York to Florida, he hopes to put a band together in the coming months and branch out to some new venues and regions. With a repertoire of over 70 originals and over 400 cover songs, his high energy show has something for everyone. Visit Jackson’s Tour page at www.jacksonrohm.com for an upcoming appearance near you.